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new vid

Soo, youtube stripped my new vid of sound, and I could not have that. So i joined stupid vimeo and I uploaded my new vid haha. let me know what you think!

here's another vid that I made a while ago, but couldn't post because youtube took it down. It's an HP vidlet. Put it up on vimeo, so now people can see it :)

Inside My Head

So this is pretty much my first...real post. I'm having a crap day, and I figured I could just write out my life, since I can't call people (which I will explain later on) and my roommates never really want to talk. ugh.
So I figured I would write out what's in my head. First thing on my mind, which is ALWAYS on my mind haha

Harry Potter

Loved the movie. And I really want to make lots of videos about it, especially the Ron/Hermione relationship in that one. I even have a 2 terabyte external hard drive now, so I can actually download the movie to my computer and not have my computer beep angrily at me, then refuse to work for the next hour. (whoever said macs never freeze was lying) Problem is, I tried downloading it with one program, but apparently it is really stupid with macs. oh joy. And now I need to either call their tech people (umm no) or download the program on someone's pc and set up my free trial there so I can log on to it on my computer. Sooo if anyone would let me I'd appreciate it! (this is pretty much aimed at Dani and Heather, it's fine if you don't want to, but it doesn't take up a lot of room! let me know) Or if anyone knows somewhere else I can download harry potter for free that works for macs? Let me know :)

second thing: My Roommates

I am having serious trouble dealing with these people. I love them, but I can't stand living with them. Everyone else around me seems to be having a great time with their roommates, but I'm constantly feeling depressed, that whatever I say is stupid, etc. I know people have problems like this freshman year, but I figured I should have picked the right roommates, right? Apparently not, but I'm not sure who I could even room with next year, so I'm pretty much stuck with them. They don't even show concern when I tell them I'm sick, hassle me about doing homework when we have completely different schedules and say they never "see me do it" even though I'm bringing back good grades and they're just stupid. Also they don't even respond when I say things, even when they're important. They also love to prank me at stupid moments and wake ME up when I would never do that to them. Yeah maybe it's end of the semester angst, although I've been feeling like this for most of the semester. Just feeling really frustrated, only 2 days into coming back from break. Yeah, things are going well.
Alright, that's the end of my rant about them, I needed to get that out somehow, even if no one ends up reading this.

Third Thing: MERLIN

Can't WAIT for this saturday! It's going to be amazing! Hopefully Morgana shows a little compassion, SOMETHING. Also, I'm really excited for Lancelot to come back, and I'm hoping someone learns about Merlin's magic. I would love some Morgana/Merlin "magic" but even I know that's asking for too much. Maybe next season. I know I'll be on the edge of my seat the whole time watching it (hopefully I'll be able to hang out with the Merlin fans on campus to watch it with them *hint hint* haha)

Alright, that's the crux of my life right now, I'm not even going to start on the homework and study abroad stuff, since this post would go on FOREVER if I did. Now I'm off to read the fourth book in a row in my long list of biographies about Henry the eighths wives/daughters. Literally the only interesting books I can find at the High Library at my college. At least I'm learning.

PS Glee in less than 30 minutes, they're going to sectionals ahhhhh! I <3 Darren Criss :) ( found out from my sister that her friend's brother is roommates with him in Hollywood, sooo cool)

PPS This is my background on my mac right now, it makes me feel better/excited for the holidays haha.

PPPS I can't call anyone cause I had to switch phones so I don't have anyone's numbers :( , but yay having a phone that holds a charge and has a working touch screen!

New HP vid

Made a new harry potter vid! partly because I was bored, and partly because I wanted to start on the vid the grid thing. It's angsty, which is the easiest kind of vid for me to make haha. Enjoy. Song is The way it is by Landon Pigg.

Trying something new...

I'm attempting to make a video for every section in this chart, hopefully I'll be able to do it! My claim is Alice and Harry Potter :)



new Alice video!

Just made a new Alice video, it's about Alice's relationship with her father. I'll probably remake it once my computer can start holding newer clips, I need to get an external hard drive stat :( . Let me know what you think!

Figuring out LiveJournal

So, I'm having trouble figuring out livejournal. Kind of confusing. I'm trying to find harry potter communities that post videos, but I can't find any. Help would be appreciated if anyone knows where I can find them. This is a link to my most recent video that I made. It's a Hatter/Alice vid. Let me know what you think.



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